Technical Support

Printech has a team of trained and experienced service engineers to cater to a wide database of installations and routine back-up service. Printech makes a special team of service personnel available to cater to more complex assignments of installations and commissioning, retro-fitment jobs and service supports.

All the service personnel are centrally trained in technology aspects of machines / product range. The service and spares team also contributes by giving valuable quality feedback to the design department. This feedback assists the design department in upgrading the technology to optimize consumption pattern of spares & consumables.

Printech has always considered its customers as the partners in its growth. The service and spares team take intense efforts to keep our partners satisfied.


Online Servicing:

Online Servicing

Our team provide online servicing for coding and packaging machines through video conferencing.


Telephone Servicing:

Online Servicing

We also provide servicing of coding and packaging machines through interaction by telephone, Kindly call us at +91-98401 43500, +91-99529 13200 or +91-99529 38161 or +91-97909 36420.


Site Servicing:

Online Servicing

As our trained service engineer are capable of resolving any problem in coding and packaging machine. You can please call us or send us a mail and book your complaint. We will attend to your complaint within 24hrs based on our engineer's availability. Kindly email us your complaint to our email ids at,,