Packaging Machines


Strapping Machine

Printech offers Fully Automatic Strapping Machines, Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines and Semi-Automatic Low Table Model Strapping Machines, to cover the vast range of industry demands in comprehensive arch sizes. Strapping Machines uses polythene plastic strap as the binding material, and is suitable for the strapping and packing of paper cartons, wooden cases and hard packages as well as all kinds of articles in square, cylinder or annulations.


Continuous Band Sealers

Printech Continuous Band Sealers are suitable for small pouches packaging upto 3 Kgs. It adopts electronic constant temperature control system and step less speed adjusting transmission mechanism. It is made of premium quality materials for optimum utility and accuracy in application. These products are widely used in various industries and sectors for diverse applications. These are available in Vertical and Horizontal models to suit various sizes and designs.


Continuous Bag Sealing Machines

Printech Continuous Bag Sealing Machines are used for high speed sealing of bags, and are available in different models like horizontal feed machines, vertical feed machines, high volume of 25Kgs bag sealing machines, etc. This machine can be used to seal a wide range of packaging materials including low density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), aluminium foil paper, and all kinds of laminated bags and pouches. The seal width is approximately 5 mm, with a conveyor speed of 8 metres per minute.


Carton Sealer & Taping Machine

Printech Carton Sealer & Taping Machine is suitable for sealing the flaps of the cartons on production lines. The top & bottom tape dispensers, stick the BOPP type self adhesive tape onto the top & bottom flaps of the cartons simultaneously. Also you can adjust the height and width for different sizes of cartons. Top and bottom drive Model can handle tall & heavy carton boxes. Carton Taping Machine have two motors too fulfill smooth operations for heavy as well as light carton boxes.


Hand / Pedal Impulse Sealers

Printech Hand Operated Pouch Sealing Machine is light in weight and easy to use. These sturdy machines are durable and provided with timer & buzzer system for sealing. Printech Pedal / Pneumatic Operated Impulse / Heat Sealing Machine comes with separate panel box for sealing indicator, sealing timer and power indicator system. Impulse sealers is suitable for sealing all kinds of Polyethylene & Polypropylene Films, Recombined Materials and Aluminum Plastic Films.


Induction Sealing Machine

Printech Induction Sealing Machine is specially designed to seal Induction wads, which seals on the bottle. Bottles of different diameter can be handled on induction sealing machine. Induction sealing is a non-contact process, which is used to bond a foil disk or to seal the opening of a container. The technique provides the user with a tamper evident seal. The seal assures product integrity and prevent any chances of leakage. It increase the products shelf life, reduce pilferage, and ensures maximum customer satisfaction. They are available in Manual and Automatic Models.


Tunnel Shrink Wrapping Machine

Printech Tunnel Shrink Wrapping Machine is used to wrap objects using PVC / POF / LDPE Shrink Films. Shrink tunnels are of different sizes starting from 8' to 36' tunnel size in width, to apply on various product sizes. The basis features of the shrink tunnels are variable speed drive to control the speed of the conveyor, high velocity air cutter blower for uniform airflow and circulation of hot air, faster heating system and variable temperature control. Some of the other optional features which are available are silicon sleeves for the conveyor rods, fully stainless steel construction, variable speed drive for the blower, in-feed and out-feed extension conveyors.



Printech L-Sealer is a sealing machine to wrap and seal the product to be shrink wrapped with shrink film which is in folded roll form. The product to be wrapped in inserted into the shrink film and sealer in the L seal area. Sealing types available are manually hand operated / pneumatically semi-automatic operated type. It is provided with a special hot knife sealing system for accurate seal and cutting. After sealing, the product is moved into shrink tunnel for shrinking. L Sealer uses POF or PVC shrink films.


Chamber Shrink Wrapping Machine

Printech Chamber Shrink Wrapping Machine wraps individual products or bundles of all shapes, for product protection and excellent appeal. To operate these machines, the product is manually placed into the chamber. The chamber hood is brought down by the operator. The product which is wrapped with shrink film is applied with a brief current of hot air shrinks the film forcing it to form the product shape. One the cycle is finished the operator retrieves the product and repeats. This machine is efficient as to provide uniform shrinkage at low power cost and widely used for PVC, PE and POF films.


Hand Wrapping Machine

Printech Hand Wrapping Machine consists of a single roll film dispenser and it allows an effective and operating environment. The hand wrapping machine is fitted with a unique cutting device featuring a low temperature teflon-coated rod and a protection system which authorizes cutting only when the film is pulled down. The anti-adhesive and extra-resistant teflon- coated hot plate is regulated through a temperature control dial for different types of films


Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines

Printech offers Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines for offline vacuum packing on products to be packed in trays , cups and pre-formed containers. The product to be packed is filled in the multi-layer or laminated film based pouch / bag and placed in the vacuum chamber of the machine. Once the lid is closed the vacuum pump, which is inbuilt in the machine starts the process of vacuuming the total chamber in which the pouch filled with the product also gets vacuumed. The machines are provided with two inbuilt sealers for higher productivity and efficient sealing. They are different models depending on different cut-sizes.


Hot Foil Stamp Coder

Printech Hot Foil Stamp Coder can be well integrated with any intermittent type Form-Fill-Seal Machines. It adopts the popular hot foil stamp ribbon for legible, easy drying and indelible print. It is suitable for printing codes on most difficult substrates, such as BOPP, PVC, cellophane, plastic, leather, etc. It can work in different models as Table Top Semi-Automatic Coder, Table Top Manual Coder, Motor Driven Automatic FFS Machine Coder or Pneumatic Operated Automatic FFS Machine Coder


Table Top Solid Ink Roll Coder

Printech Table Top Solid Ink Roll Coder is a semi-automatic contact coding machine used for neat, sharp and registered print. It can print number of lines depending on the model selection. Preheater is used for preheating hot ink rolls and type holder to reduce the stand-by time and largely increase the efficiency and printing performance of the coder. Ideal for mass printing on labels, pouches, mono-cartons of different sizes, with high speed output.


Liquid Filling Machine

Printech Liquid Filling Machine is a semi-automatic heavy duty piston type volumetric filler, suitable for filling 5 to 100ml, 10 to 300ml, 50 to 500ml, 100 to 1000ml, etc., of any kind of free flowing liquids in bottles, jars, containers, pouches, etc. The nozzle of the liquid filling machine is completely drip free and gives accurate quantity in filling. Desired speed can be achieved by liquid filling machine by adding filling heads. Available in single head and double head filling nozzles. Easy adjustment of filling by hand screw. A filling speed of about 15 to 50 bottles/minute can be achieved.


Paste Filling Machine

Printech Paste Filling Machine is a semi-automatic heavy duty piston type volumetric filler, suitable for filling 5 to 100ml, 10 to 300ml, 50 to 500ml, 100 to 1000ml, etc., of any kind of viscous substances or pastes in bottles, jars, containers, pouches, etc. Desired speed can be achieved by paste filling machine by adding filling heads. Available in single head and double head filling nozzles. Easy adjustment of filling by hand screw. A filling Speed of about 15 to 50 bottles/minute can be achieved.


Round Bottle Labelling Machine

Printech Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine is developed for use for customers requiring lower rate of production for their round bottles / containers, where automatic labelling machine are not economical. No change parts required for label size and product size, the change over time is very less. Our sticker labelling machine has its own unique single point synchronized speed control system.


Flat Bottle Labelling Machine

Printech Flat Bottle Labelling Machine is used for labelling on many kinds of Flat bottles / containers, where automatic labelling machine are not economical. It has excellent flexibility to handle flat bottle at very high speed with great accuracy. The machine also has completely stainless steel finish, No bottle, No label system, Optionally AC variable speed control, pulse counter, safety guard are also available.


Tube Sealing Machine

Printech Tube Sealing Machine is a multi purpose tube sealing machine in which you can adjust the sealing height according to your tube. The temperature can be controlled using digital temperature controller. It has electronic sealing timer for easy operation. Embossing coding can be fitted for crisp and clear codes. Easy change over from one tube size to another. Suitable for both plastic and laminated tubes.


Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

Printech Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines are designed to wrap stretch PVC / PP / LDPE film, around a loaded Pallet. Pallet stretch wrapping machine assist in reduction of labour by automating the process of attaching, detaching and pressing the film. For the product to be wrapped, the operator simply places the item on a turn-table and switches the machine to operate. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported & storage to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged.


Carton Box Stretch Wrapping Machines

Printech Carton Box Stretch Wrapping Machines are designed to wrap stretch PVC / PP / LDPE film, around a loaded carton box. They are specially designed for medium sized objects packed in carton box. It is widely used for goods with light weight. And for wrapping single cargo or some small cargos combined. Pneumatic top plate ensure it clamp and safety packing. The packing height, fixed film carriage or up-down film carriage can be choose according customers request.


Automatic Form Fill Seal Machines

Printech has developed during the past ten years, machines to suit packing of liquids, semi liquids, semi solids and solids. Machines are designed in both automatic as well as semi-automatic models to cater to all the types and sizes of industries. The range of machines is within reach of all industries and can suit packing of milk & liquids, ghee & Vanaspati, edible oils, rice & flour, powder & spices, tea & coffee, sugar & salt, snacks & namkeens, grains & seeds, detergents & pesticides, shampoo and many more.


PVC / PP Stretch Packing Films

Printech offers a complete range of Stretch Film, which is environment friendly and is used for automated wrapping of products. The high stretch and cling characteristic of these stretch films makes them perfect for hand wrapping, semi automatic or fully automatic wrapping machines etc. The LLDPE stretch film offered by us is suitable for securing, presenting and protecting your products. Regarded as a secondary packaging material, this stretch film is used in various industries for packaging purposes.


PolyOleFin Shrink Film

Printech PolyOleFin Shrink Film is an exceptionally easy to use multi layer shrink film specifically studied for wide application range. Available in different thicknesses and sizes from 12 micron to 25 microns and from 6" to 26". It is crystal clear rapid shrink and centre-folded. Shrinks 40% in length and width. It offers wrinkle-free shrinkage on high profile and irregular shapes. Shrink wrapping provides the product with clear display visibility, brand identification, package cleanliness and protection. There are many types and grades of shrink film made for a wide variety of applications. Polyolefin is a tough, general-purpose film that shrinks at relatively low temperatures. Most popular thickness of shrink film is 15 microns


PP / PET / HDPE Straps

Printech PP / PET / HDPE Straps are available in a wide array of sizes and colors. These straps are manufactured as per the industrial standards, ensuring it to be at par with international quality standards. Straps are available in Sizes having Width of 8mm to 19mm and Length of rolls of 1000, 2000, 3000 meters, on any core dimension on bulk requirements. These Straps are widely used in Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Strapping machines.


Self Adhesive BOPP Tapes

Printech has a wide range of coloured and custom printed quality Self Adhesive BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) Tapes using advance coating technology, pneumatically controlled thermic fluid drying system, with inline rotogravure printing. Printech BOPP Tapes are slitted as per customer specifications viz. having Width of 12mm, 18mm, 36mm, 48mm, 60mm, 72mm, 96mm and in Length of 40 mts, 50mts, 65mts & 650mts.