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Carton Sealing / Taping Machines

Printech Carton Sealer & Taping Machine is suitable for sealing the flaps of the cartons on production lines. The top & bottom tape dispensers, stick the BOPP type self adhesive tape onto the top & bottom flaps of the cartons simultaneously. Also you can adjust the height and width for different sizes of cartons. Top and bottom drive Model can handle tall & heavy carton boxes. Carton Taping Machine have two motors too fulfill smooth operations for heavy as well as light carton boxes.


 Carton Sealing Machine          




Sealing Capacity

about 1,000 Standard Cases per hour

Adhesive tape used

Bopp, PVC Adhesive Tape

Width of adhesive tape

36, 48, 60 mm

Power sources

220V,50HZ 180W

Max. sealing size

500 x 600 mm

Min. sealing size 

140 x 150 mm

Top and Bottom Drive Carton Sealing Machine           



Printing Row

1 ~ 3 rows

Printing Height

100 – 260 mm

Word Size

6 * 12 mm

Sealing Capacity

About 1,000 Standard Cases per Hour

Width of Adhesive tape

36, 48, 60 mm

Max. Sealing Size

500 * 600 mm

Min. Sealing Size

140 * 150 mm

Carton Sealing